Why you must become an organ donor

Organ and tissue transplantation provide a second chance for thousands of people each year. When you decide to become a donor, you give the gift of life—the kind of gift that keeps on giving long after you are gone in this world.

And did you know that by donating an organ, you can save at many as eight lives? You have the opportunity to help make these miracles happen, and it’s as simple as sending TNNOD an email to know how you can help.

To register as an organ, tissue, and eye donor, please contact TNNOD via email (info@tnnod.org), and we will connect you to the right agencies that will make sure your rights as an organ donor will be respected even after death.

How to register as an organ donor

The most important thing to do is to register as an organ and tissue donor at TNNOD.org. Once you’ve completed that step, TNNOD recommends that you also do the following to make sure your wishes are known and honored:

  • Designate on your driver’s license that you wish to be a donor.
  • Tell your family and close friends about your decision and how much it means to you to be an organ donor. By discussing it now, you have a chance to work through any fears or objections they may have about donation.
  • Tell your doctor and religious
  • Include your decision to be an organ donor to your advance directives, will, and living will.