At The National Network of Organ Donors (TNNOD), one of our missions is to make sure all hospitals know how to use our system. We believe that organ donation and transplantation save lives.

Fixing the problem

The problem isn’t that people don’t want to donate organs or even that they don’t sign up to become donors. It’s that currently, the health care and legal systems don’t ensure that a person’s wishes regarding organ donation are honored.

Even if you sign a donor card or the back of your driver’s license, if your family doesn’t give its approval, the hospital will not procure your organs despite your prior written consent. TNNOD believes that signing a legal document should guarantee, without exception, that your wishes are met.

That’s why we created the network, and why we’ve made it our mission to get every adult in the United States to join the registry. We want to remove the barriers, both legal and emotional, that can prevent life-saving transplants from taking place.

Should you wish to support our initiative and efforts and to become an organ donor, do not hesitate to contact us. Please email Thomas Owens at or give us a call at 636-265-7806.